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Chi Whole Leaf recently had a Kickstarter that was successfully funded. I love seeing that! I look at Kickstarter regulary to see what's new out there in the tea world. The gist of this product is that they use all organic ingredients and grind them into a powder that can be used hot or cold to make a drink. Will from Chi was kind enough to send some samples to me to try. The one on the left lost his sticker somehow, probably my fault. There is also a chamomile version available on their website.

It was a really hot day, so I picked the Floral Herb one to try first, and thought it sounded really good cold. I wasn't entirely sure how much powder to use but had an email from Will that said to use less than I would if it was loose-leaf tea, so I decided to try 1/2 teaspoon to about a cup of water. It's sold in a 4 oz. tin, which would last a long time since so little is used.

I used filtered water and whisked it, although it was easy to mix up - a spoon would work fine, or whatever you have. The color of both the dry powder and the mixed drink is just amazing, don't you think? This one is a mixture of hibiscus, rose and jasmine. Don't worry hibby haters - I couldn't really identify it here. I think it just added a little punch to the flavor. What I did get was a really refreshing drink that had some floral overtones. I liked it, and I am usually not a big fan of floral drinks. I added a litttle sweetener - no haters please - I grew up in the south.

Later that evening I wanted something warm, and the Ginger Chai had been my first choice to try all along. Interesting bonus on this one - there's no caffeine in it since the black tea has been replaced by rooibos. That was perfect for an evening drink for me.  

I decided to do mine in milk instead of water, because I like chai better that way. I used the same measurements for this one as the first drink. I heated it on the stove and whisked in the powder as it heated. It sort of looks like hot chocolate!

OH MY. This was so good! The rooibos isn't really obvious. I get a hint of cinnamon, a little clove, and the ginger is like the bow on top, wrapping it all together. My daughter was nearby and asked to taste it, and I didn't think I would get it back from her. Her advice was to take a drink and then breathe out through my nose, and I tried that. Pure ginger bliss.  It wasn't overpowering, just deliciously fresh. I could see getting this one again.

I really enjoyed these samples, and could see how convenient they would be to have on hand. Thanks Will for the chance to try them out! I think you are in for a lot of success.


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