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I have a crazy amount of teas from Dammann Freres right now. CRAZY. Crazy good, since I love their teas.

So what made me choose this one to review? Well, my husband is a recent tea convert, and he loves this one. I wanted to make sure to review it while there is still enough leaf for a good photo. What do you think? Pretty leaf, right?

I tend to like any leaf that has the blue flowers (is that mallow?) I don't know if it adds much to the taste, but we eat first with our eyes and this leaf is lovely.  

I had some fun taking the picture too. On this plate, the blue popped. I also tried it on a white plate with blue flowers and on that one, the red popped.  

I thought a delicious tea like this deserved a fancy teacup. I like this one a lot. I think tea tastes better if the container is pretty and I have been picking up little things here and there for that effect.  Pinkies up!

The tea description on the DF site is flower petals, poppy, biscuit and almond paste. The packaging also says raspberry, violet, vanilla and cherry. I am getting definite raspberry, and a tiny bit of floral. Nothing that is overpowering. I have learned that I love any DF blend that mentions their “biscuit” flavor, and that’s biscuit in the sense of a European cookie - not an American biscuit. Any blend that has that flavor is going to have a bit of aftertaste that makes it like a dessert, even if it isn’t a sweet dessert tea. I have also learned that one thing DF does really well is a tea that has many different flavors versus the ones that are just one flavor and a base. Those are good too, but the ones that have a lot of things blended are just masterful. This is an example of that.
This might also be a good place for me to comment on ordering from the French companies. Recently a dozen or so tea lovers from Steepster went in together and ordered an obscene amount of tea from DF and split it up. The reasons for this were that shipping from Europe to the US is very high, and the teas on the DF site come in a minimum size of 100g. Many of the tea drinkers weren’t ready to commit to so much tea when they hadn’t sampled it yet. But, due to our group order we were able to split the shipping from France and order smaller quantities of tea.  
We learned a few things during the experience. One, the DF teas really weren’t that expensive. Most were $5-$6 (converted to USD) for 100g, so really comparable with a lot of the teas that are readily available here. Two, keeping the order under $200 is key. I contacted the US Customs office and asked at what point we would be subject to extra duties on the teas. They responded in writing and said keep it under $200 and it will go on through. We ended up having to split our order into two in order to accomplish that, but both packages went through with no issues, and each one arrived around a week after ordering. Third, there are many companies that will not even ship to the US, so we will probably do group orders from any that will. You other companies are missing out on some sales!


KitteaLover 2 years, 9 months ago

I would love to get in on a group buy of some French tea! I would appreciate if you could let me know if you hear of anything going on in the tea scene!

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