Hackberry Tea - Red Velvet a la Mode, Salted Caramel Corn, Currant Plum


I have been looking for a company out there to fill the hole that Butiki Teas’ closing created. Butiki made amazing blended teas using quality ingredients and also put the flavors on an excellent base. I found Hackberry Teas through a Google search for hand blended teas. The site struck me as promising, so I ordered a few. It’s important to note - they have free shipping over $10! That is incredibly low so give them a shot. The customer service is also very personal. It is is owned by a married couple and the husband emailed me a couple of times and told me that his wife put in some samples of some of her favorite teas. The top three teas in the picture are ones I ordered and the bottom two were added by the owners.

Red Velvet a la Mode

Where I live, red velvet is a chocolate cake with a bottle of red food coloring added and cream cheese frosting. When I saw the name of this tea I expected something chocolate flavored. If I had read the description on the website I would have known better, so that’s my fault. The goal of this tea is to taste like a raspberry trifle with whipped cream, and it really does! There are raspberries in the dry leaf, and the big thing on top in the photo is a candied lemon peel. I believe the green that is visible is the lemon myrtle. The main flavor is raspberry cream, but I definitely get the lemon too in the top of my mouth. Isn't this a pretty blend? 
Currant Plum
This was the first tea I tried from my Hackberry order. I opened the envelope and smelled it and it was all over after that. It smelled so deliciously plummy that I had to try it right away - and my husband did too. We both ended up resteeping the leaves, which is unusual for me - I usually don’t resteep at all. The leaf appeared to be of good quality:  long and unbroken.  No fannings here! There are some bits of red, those could be hibiscus but I did not really taste the hibiscus in the blend. The overriding flavors are definitely plum and currant. Anything else in the blend just enhances and supports those. It would be easy to say that this is the best plum tea I have ever had.
Salted Caramel Corn
I was really intrigued by this one since I haven't seen many teas with this flavor profile and I am a sucker for anything salty/sweet. The leaf is really interesting. It has corn, popped corn, and corn nuts! I wasn't sure about it when I popped it open and smelled it because it had a really strong smell, and the first couple of drinks had me still unsure. But as the cup progressed it reallly grew on me, and toward the end I was totally hooked. This is really good! I can taste the hint of salt at the end of the sip, and the caramel flavor is really smooth, buttery and rich.
Overall I am really impressed with Hackberry Tea! All of the teas I tried have been great and of high quality, and they have the personal touch that I enjoy from tea companies. I am already eyeing some of the other flavors to try (Maple Black, I'm looking at you!) I would offer to do a group order with some of you, but with a $10 free shipping threshold, what are you waiiting for?


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