Gifts for Tea Lovers (That Aren't Tea) Part 1


I started to put this post together in October. There, I said it. It was intended to be a list of Christmas gifts for tea lovers, then I got busy, so now let's just call it Valentine's Day gifts for the tea lover in your life. Deal?

The other thing is that when I started pulling out items to photograph for this post, I realized that I had too many for one post, so in a few days you get another one that will feature items from Chambre de Sucre and Teaprints.

Tea is a really personal thing, isn't it. Some people are horrified by bagged tea, other people love it. Some like their tea sweetened, others think that is a cardinal sin. Let's just get past the tea shaming right now. The mouth wants what the mouth wants. Can we agree on that? The problem remains that it can be hard to purchase tea for someone even if you know they are a tea lover. That's why I put this list together, and I hope you'll get some inspiration from it.

If you haven't checked out Little Urban Tea Company, you definitely should. I haven't tried any of their teas yet, but when I saw these tea infused soaps, I had to have them. If you lean in really closely and put your nose near your screen you might be able to smell them. They smell divine, and using them makes my skin so soft and I smell delicious. They have a bunch of other soaps on their site as well.

I also couldn't resist these guys, from the same company. They are delicious when added to tea! They have cinnamon vanilla sugar cubes available too. I am kicking myself for not ordering those.

From Bitter Willoughby Etsy shop - one of my favorite things, lip balm. And lip balm infused with tea flavors! I don't know how I managed to purchase these in November and not open them until January. Seriously, I am well known for my love of lip balms. I have them stashed all over - next to my desk, in my pocket, in my purse, in my coat pocket, you name it. 

I broke the seals on these just today. Here's what was really interesting about them. In the tube, they all pretty much smelled the same - like beeswax. But once I used them the specific scent came out. There's probably some really interesting reason behind that - like the essential oils weren't activated or something - I am just speculating. But that's how it went down.

They have a lot of interesting varieties on their site. I saw a hops variety that looked pretty neat.

Next up. Five points for you if you know what this is! I had never seen one before but I love the idea. It's a honey spoon! Honey can be a pain to deal with, but with this ingenious little spoon you can let the honey drip right into the tea - or back into the jar. This is one of those things I wish I had invented. 

Think what a neat gift for someone: a great honey and a honey spoon done in their favorite color. Did I not mention that? That's right, you can choose the color when you order from Swiddles. Orange is my favorite color so I chose that one. I'm a little ridiculously excited about all of this stuff.

I know what you're thinking. A tea ball? Bear with me for a minute. There have been so many times recently that people have visited me, gotten interested in my loose-leaf tea collection and wanted to try some. I love packaging up samples for them to send home, but I hate only having fillable tea bags for them to take with them. Enter the tea ball.

Is it the end all, be all of brewing loose leaf? Of course not. But it's better than a bag, at least the leaf can float around in there, and it will tide them over until they can experiment more with other brewing styles. These stainless balls come in a 4-pack from Regal and are available on Amazon

These particular tea balls are pretty large, which is good. I put one in a normal sized cup so you can see the size. They are large enough that all of the loose leaf can fit in the bottom half while you attach the top half. They also have a hook that you can use to hang on the edge of the tea cup to make it easy to take out. I did find that these particular balls could be a little difficult to open and close, but I'm sure with time they would loosen up a bit.

Thanks for reading! And be sure to keep an eye out for Part 2!

I purchased all of the items featured in this post, with the exception of the Regal tea balls, which were sent to me for my honest review.


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