Rington's Kenyan Gold Black Tea and Lemon, Ginger & Ginseng Herbal Tea

Where in the world has Marzipan been? Ordinarily I don't post much about myself on the blog, but I think you guys deserve some sort of explanation. It's at the end of the post, but it's not that interesting, I promise. I do have a lot of reviews to catch up on, and I apologize to the parties who have sent me things to review. I still have them lined up to go. I even have a bunch of untouched tea infused ice cream pints that I have sworn not to touch until I can review them. That has NOT been easy.

On to the tea! Rington's Tea contacted me in November and asked if I would be willing to try their teas. Of course I said yes! Rington's has an interesting history. It used to be delivered around the UK via horse drawn carriage. For decades it was not easy to get Rington's outside of the UK, but luckily, a transplant to the west coast found a way to import it. It is now sold through Finest English Tea.

The box sent to me contains 80 tea bags, but each one is designed to make two cups. I fully believe that. I noticed once I had steeped the bag, it felt heavier than the average tea bag so it could have a little more leaf in it. I tested a second steep of a bag and it was lovely and strong like the first one.

The bags come in two sealed foil inner bags. There are no strings, which is environmentally conscious. I would have loved it if the inner bags were zip loc as well, but I can fix that easily by putting the foil bag in a sandwich bag.

I steeped the tea for four minutes at almost-boiling water temperature (per the box's suggestion). The color of the tea is just gorgeous - take a look! 

The flavor is strong but not bitter or astringent. I think this is a great daily drinker, the sort of thing that I want first thing in the morning. Sometimes with CTC type daily drinkers I think the resulting tea is strong enough to almost be distasteful, but this one has a really lovely flavor. To me it tastes a lot like an Indian tea, but with just a hint of malt like a Chinese tea.

Purely by coincidence, right now I am taking a tea course that is about teas from India, Kenya and Ceylon. AFTER I wrote about this tea I went and looked up what the characteristics of Kenyan tea are, and this is what my study materials said: "Kenyan black teas are appreciated for their bright, coppery color, balanced astringency and lively, brisk flavors" (Source, World Tea Academy). Based on that description, this is an ideal representative of Kenyan teas.

Also included from Rington's was an herbal tea. Now, I have mixed feelings about these. I don't really drink tisanes...well, ever. I think I have reviewed one or two on the blog. But, I love the flavors that go into this one so I was strangely excited to try it. And, it rocked my world.

I didn't take pictures of the brew because it wasn't much to look at. But the flavor was lip smackingly delicious. I sweetened it a little bit, but don't think you would have to. The ginger is subtle. I happen to love ginger and don't mind a strong ginger flavor, but still liked the way this one was nicely balanced. 

Drinking this had a cleansing feel to me - not in the stupid dieting type cleanse sense, but in a way that it made my mouth feel fresh and clean, sort of like a palate cleanser between courses at dinner. I drank this in my happy place, which is my orange chair in front of the fireplace witih my cat.

So, where have I been?

The truth is, right here, glued to my computer or in an exhausted lump in a chair somewhere. Nothing bad has happened, so there is that. And I am so incredibly flattered (and motivated) that some of you noticed my absence. 

I own a company, and it's in an unusual industry - secret shopping. I work from home and so do all of the schedulers and editors who work for/with me. In October we picked up an enormous account and it absolutely consumed me in November and December. Now that we have the processes down, this quarter looks to be much more smooth. But the combination of that and the holidays sort of left me in a pile every evening. I haven't even worked on my cross stitch, which is one of my other hobbies. 

In addition, we had guests in and out over the holidays, and my photography set up (and tea cup farm) is in the guest room, so I had to keep condensing that space to a point where it wasn't really workable.

And oh yeah, I took a business trip in there too. Almost forgot that.

Really it was a lot of nothing and lot of everything, but the good news is that life is pretty normal again!

Bonus picture of my cat, who patiently cuddled with me every night when I was so wiped out.

I received these teas at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

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