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It's 18F outside right now, and yet I want to talk about ice cream. Not long ago I was lucky enough to win an Instagram contest and the prize was a selection of tea-infused ice cream from Tea-rrific! Ice Cream. Pretty exciting stuff!

My husband and I love ice cream and we are very picky about what goes into the ones we buy. Nothing to worry about here, since the ingredients are about as straightforward as possible. Check out the ingredient list from the chamomile ice cream as an example:  cream, water, organic evaporated cane sugar, eggs, non-fat dry milk, chamomile tea.

The week that the ice cream arrived I was a little concerned because it was unseasonably warm. I think it might even have been during the Christmas week "heatwave." No need to worry though, since they arrived super duper frozen in dry ice. 

The next photo was taken just moments after I took them out of the box. They were even frosted!

I had a lot going on, so I stowed these in my freezer along with a warning to everyone in the house that they weren't allowed to touch them until I had photographed/tasted them. They sat there for a couple of weeks until I couldn't take it anymore. 

This whole process went rather quickly since I didn't want the ice cream to melt too much while I took the pictures. I pulled them out and made a pretty flower out of them (after all, I am a girl.)

Then I scooped a spoonful of ice cream out of each one. I laughed at myself here, because I arranged the pints in rainbow order and then realized that OF COURSE the actual ice cream wasn't actually the color of the carton. So, what you have here is the ice cream in color order of the cartons - yellow, red, light green, dark green, blue, purple, brown. I don't know why that mattered so much to me but it did. So there you go.

Here are my impressions of each one. I would like to start out by saying that not everyone likes everything, and something that wasn't to my taste might be your favorite. These were all made with very high quality ice cream and very well done. Many of the flavors were very foreground. So for example, if you don't like bergamot, don't buy one of these that has bergamot in it. You will notice it. 

Chamomile - I liked this one a lot. It was the most lightly flavored of the bunch. The flavor was milky/creamy/vanilla with a hint of chamomile as an after flavor/scent. I wrote in my notes that it was like a chamomile latte. 

Masala Chai - The clear winner for me, which is interesting because I don't drink actual masala chai much. The cinnamon/nutmeg/cardamom(?) spices were really nicely balanced with the creamy base. I didn't get a very strong black pepper flavor, which for me is a good thing. I didn't pick up on the rooibos either but it probably just sweetened everything up. I could see this tasting amazing on a warm slice of apple pie.

Ginger Matcha - Do not get this unless you like ginger. You have been warned. I happen to really like ginger and thought this was great. If you have ever cooked with ginger you know how when you grate it, that awesome smell is just everywhere? This captures that perfectly. It's a very fresh, authentic ginger flavor - not like the ginger that has been sitting in the back of your spice cabinet in ground form. This is the real deal.

Matcha Green Tea - This tasted very much like fresh matcha. If you like matcha you will probably love it. While I drink matcha sometimes it's not my favorite (or my second or third or...) so this was my least favorite. I'm going to give the rest to my friend Steph and look forward to her thoughts on it.

London Mist - Bergamot is a very divisive flavor. If you love it, try this. If you hate it, stay away. There is no mistaking its presence in this. I really liked it but it is definitely a bergamot punch in the face initially.

Lavender's Blueberry - This was the flavor that I thought I would absolutely love and the one that haunted me until I finally found time to try them all. I used to hate lavender but I have grown to really like it, even to the extent of making some of my own blends with organic lavender here at home. I liked this one. In fact, I just had to go get another bite because I couldn't remember why it wasn't my favorite. It's a close second. The lavender flavor is strong but the blueberry tempers it a bit. The aftertaste is lavender. My note from the initial tasting is, "This flavor is not playing around."

Chunky London MIst - The base of this is very similar (probably identical) to the London Mist variety. What sets it apart is the large chocolate chunks and pecan pieces. I didn't get a pecan in my test bite, but I got chocolate and it was delicious. I think I liked this one better than the regular London Mist because the chocolate provides a nice counterpoint to the strong bergamot flavor.

Thanks again to Tea-rrific! Ice Cream for this prize. I enjoyed trying them. Unfortunately they aren't available in my area but they have a possible solution for that! Tea-rrific! has provided a printable flyer that you can take to your local store to encourage them to stock these. They are already available in a lot of grocery stores in the northeast and you can view a list here. You can also order online at that link.  


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