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When you sign up with The Devotea, you can choose from three different plans. The box I received to review is "A Taster's Delight" and it includes three different teas. I love that it specifies that no herbal teas or decaf teas will be included. Subscriptions are on a 3 month basis minimum, with the best savings coming by prepaying a year.

The box it arrived in was really sturdy. It seems like such a small thing, but so many subscriptions come in envelopes and not sturdy boxes like this. I consider this a plus! I reuse a lot of boxes and this one will definitely go in the keep pile.

The box contained three black teas, a paper talking about the teas, and three Werther's candies.

The Devotea's website says that they include both their own blends and blends curated from other companies. I actually liked that the teas that were included were more basic than a lot of the options that come with other subscriptions. I don't mean that in a negative way. I like my sparkle pony teas as much as the next girl, but every tea can't be full of unusual flavor combinations. We need classic teas as well.

If this box is representative of what a normal month would be, I think the odds are that the person who receives it will be able to drink everything that comes while still having some minor variety in the selection. That's really appealing to me. There have been some other club boxes that have arrived and none of the teas appealed to me at all, so I felt like that month's box was a waste. I don't think that would happen here.

I have had this box to review for a couple of months and am just now getting to it, so as an apology I picked an extra awesome cup and saucer to use in the photos.

Of the three teas, the chai looked the most unique. But, I don't love anise so I'm going to hand that off to my husband. Instead I chose the Nilgiri. I don't see as many teas from Nilgiri as I do from Assam and Darjeeling. Also, this wasn't a CTC, as are most teas from Nilgiri (source, World Tea Academy). I thought the leaves were really quite beautiful, with multiple brown hues and some golden leaves as well.

The package suggested a two minute steep at boiling. I found that interesting since that is a short steep time for a full leaf tea. The tea was really full flavored and strong enough though. I think a longer steep might have become too astringent. The leaves could definitely stand up to at least one more steep, so that's a bonus. My tea cooled before I finished it and I enjoyed it a lot as a cold tea as well. Coming from a southern girl, that's a compliment. I like my teas strong and this one really fit that. The flavor profile was strong with no malt. It reminded me of a Ceylon.

I am actually thinking of subscribing to this service. I like that the teas aren't crazy (at least not so far!) It's not a bad value either. If I subscribe for three months, which is the amount of time with the least price break, it would equal $18 a month. That's really not outside of the range of the other subscriptions and the amount of tea received is generous. By subscribing for a year you can get that cost down to $15 a month.

I received this box at no cost in exchange for my honest review.


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