Gifts for Tea Lovers (That Aren't Tea) Part 2- Chambre de Sucre


Last week I posted about ideas for gifts for the tea lover in your life, but you don't want to buy them tea. This post will continue with that thought, and just in time for Valentine's Day, the focus is sugar. Sweets for the sweet! Chambre de Sucre sent a box of amazing gourmet sugar to me a while back and I have been really anxious to write about the different items for you. I could spend a lot of time telling you what these taste like, but let's be honest, they're all sugar. So I'm going to focus more on what they look like because that's what is special here.

I grew up with conversation hearts. They are fun but they taste nasty. These hearts don't have writing on them but they definitely convey romance. In tea, in coffee, in oatmeal - you name it. Anywhere your love likes sugar, they will like these. 

Next up, these gorgeous sugar squares, hand decorated with flowers. Doing this post is about as close to sugar porn as I can imagine. Every single item is just delightful. Can't you see these at a tea party or even at a wedding? Oh - wedding shower or baby shower! There are so many great ideas for these. 

If squares aren't your thing, there are also spheres.

These diamond sugar stirrers would be great in situations where you don't want your guests to be encumbered with spoons, or if you need to fight monsters. I used one to sweeten my tea and it worked pretty quickly - faster than I expected. Each one is only 9 calories too. I may or may not have eaten one straight off the stick. You'll never know.

Also completely adorable and perfect for a tea party are these guys that perch on the edge of cups, just ready to be tipped over into the brew. The angel wings are cute but I am in love with the cat! I had an elephant too but he was hiding and I couldn't find him when it was picture time. You wouldn't think it would be that easy to lose an elephant. There are other options available on their website as well.

Last but not least, and also not sugar - Chambre de Sucre sent me three wishes (dandelion fuzzies) in a tiny bottle. I love this item, it was the "Awwww" in the box, most definitely.

Thank you to Chambre de Sucre for sending these goodies for me to have such a great time with! Definitely check out their site. They have so many items that are appealing. I have my eye on the tea infused lollipops especially.


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