Rington's Traditional Tea (Black) and Pure Peppermint Herbal Teas


A while back I did a post on Rington's Kenyan Gold tea and after having that tea, a funny thing happened to me. I started craving everyday black teas - teabag teas. I am sitting on pounds upon pounds of great loose leaf stuff, but when work was busy I found myself just reaching for quick bags and not being disappointed at all. 

Finest English Tea is the source in the US for Rington's, and they were nice enough to send me another set of teas to try. Traditional Tea was very different than the Kenyan Gold, but just as good. 

Like the Kenyan Gold, this one comes in a box of 80 bags, divided into two foil inner bags. 

If you are looking for a quiet little tea that will tiptoe into your room and gently shake you awake, keep looking. But if you want a tea that will slap you around in the morning and yell, "WAKE UP" this might just be a tea for you. It says right on the box that this is a great everyday tea, and I agree with that. It's strong, bold, dark, and clears my cobwebs every single time. The box says that it is a blend of East African and Indian teas, although not specifically which ones. If I had to guess I would say probably Kenyan black and either Assam or Nilgiri. Whatever it is, it works.

I don't usually take my tea with milk but this would definitely stand up to it. I found that about a two-minute steep was perfect for me. The box says you can go longer but I'm afraid that at that point, the tea would need milk or something to tone it down. Based on the strength of the brew, I have no problem seeing each bag making at least two cups of strong tea, possibly three.

In addition to the Traditional Tea, a box of Pure Peppermint was included. Funny story about this tea. My daughter was home visiting for the weekend and she absolutely loves tea with mint. I had these two teas sitting on the kitchen island as I prepared to review them, and they disappeared. As it turns out, she had packed them away in her bags and was going to take off with them. After drinking it I can't blame her. It's wonderfully crisp and bright. I love that mint teas help with sinus issues (that's also why my daughter loves them). 

I am becoming a big fan of the Rington's line (what they call "range" in the UK). I look forward to trying more of them. There are some other breakfast blends that look really tantalizing. 

I know there is a lot of back and forth out there about bagged tea, but this isn't like a Lipton's bagged tea. This is much stronger and more robust tea than the bagged stuff we get in the US. Give it a chance! If you don't like it you can always send it to my daughter... ;)


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