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The Tea Spot was nice enough to send me several of their teas to review. I always like to spend some time reading about the companies who are a little bit new to me. You know what I learned? 10% of their sales go to cancer and community wellness programs. And, they are a certified woman-owned company! As a female company owner I really respect that. Nothing against you guys out there of course.

The first tea I reached for was their take on the classic Earl Grey. Earl Grey is what initially got me interested in tea. I drank supermarket bags, Twinings I think. I remember learning that there was this thing called Lady Grey, and the more I read, the more I learned about the big, fabulous world of tea. Since then I have tried a lot of different riffs on the original and have found some that worked and some that didn't.

It was a cold and gloomy day and Earl of Grey just sounded appealing. When I popped it open I found the scent very appealing. I had a hard time putting my finger on what it was, and finally settled on lime. I changed my mind later though. Keep reading.

The leaf was so pretty. It had pieces of citrus rind (orange? lemon?) in there, and blue mallow flowers. I know those don't add much to the flavor but they make me happy to see. The tea brewed up a gorgeous golden red color and the scent was divine. 

The first time I had the tea I was pretty certain that the brlght citrus notes were lime. Today I am having it a second time and as soon as I opened the pouch I thought, "orange creamsicle" - and I'm sticking to that. The tea has a great balance. Many times it seems like blenders think that the secret to doing a different Earl is just to increase the bergamot. This one is pretty light on the bergamot (a good thing) and there are additional notes of vanllla and citrus. It's very smooth and round tasting. It's bright due to the citrus but round from the vanilla. 

Keep an eye out for more posts about teas from The Tea Spot, I have three more to go!

I received this tea at no cost in exchange for my honest review.


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