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The package that Freedom Superfoods' matcha arrived in was extra heavy duty foil. It was easy to open and I feel really positive about the pouch's ability to keep the matcha away from light and air.  Right now it's available at Amazon for $24.97/100g, which seems to be a very competitive price.

Honestly, I don't know what "cafe grade" is, but it's my understanding that matcha grading is a very murky subject. 

When I opened the pouch, the matcha smelled very nice - fresh, green and aromatic. It was a cheerful, bright green. I rubbed it between my fingers and it had a silky feel.

The pouch didn't have suggested proportions of matcha to water, but had a link to their website for information. I found that a little inconvenient and prefer to have something at hand rather than look it up. I used 1/4 t of matcha to about 8 oz of water. I had quite a bit of trouble getting it to foam up using a bamboo whisk, and I whisked so vigorously that I spilled it all over. Oh well.

Despite the lack of foam, the matcha was really tasty. It did not have a fishy taste at all. It tasted sweet and comparable to ceremonial grade matchas I have tried in other brands, so I guess that is what "cafe grade" is supposed to mean. The whisked matcha was a really pretty, bright green color.

I would have no issue recommending this brand for use as a daily drinker.

Freedom Superfoods offered their matcha to me at a heavy discount in exchange for a review. All views are my own.


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