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I reviewed a tea from Tea Leaf Co some time ago (linked at the bottom), and it's time to do another one! I even got a special teacup that I was saving for their next review, since they are Canadian based. I have a few samples from them and I was torn between two for this review. I finally chose the one that had more caffeine, because Sunday morning. 

I really like Earl Grey teas and variants, but I know a lot of people don't like bergamot (I have heard it called "blergamot" too!) When I saw the description of this one - vanilla infused - I expected it to be an Earl Grey Creme. 

The dry leaf smelled lightly of bergamot, vanilla and orange. It was dark and twisty with quite a lot of whole leaves and pieces of orange peel. I always love the blue cornflowers that are used in many blends. I honestly don't know if they add anything to the flavor or not but they make me happy to see.

I think a great name for this tea would be Earl Grey Dreamsicle. That's totally what I got from it. It wasn't exactly like an EG Creme because there was a light and dreamy orange flavor too. But it wasn't just orange because there was vanilla. In my mind that equals Dreamsicle. It was delicious - creamy, not astringent at all, and it resteeped well. I noticed the bergamot in it but it wasn't super strong so I think this is one that even the "blergamot" people can get behind. I have been really happy with every tea I have had from this company and think it's a hidden gem. They're certified organic too!

Sorry Canada, I didn't have a maple tree in my yard or I would have used those leaves in this shot. 

This sample was provided at no cost for my honest review.


Andy Hayes 2 years, 10 months ago

Love the teacup, what's the story behind that?

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Marzipan 2 years, 10 months ago

Not really a great story, but for a while I had been talking to Stephanie from Tea Leaf Co. about having a Canadian themed cup and saucer, and then I saw this one and picked it up.

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